Thanks Volunteers

Recently, Safeplace was given the opportunity to thank our volunteers with the help of Dale’s Steakhouse in Florence. The owners and staff of Dales hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Banquet for our volunteers in October.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It seemed like the perfect time to let the Safeplace volunteers know how important what they do for families throughout the year is, not only to our staff,  but to the community as a whole. One of the best things about the evening was the fact that the staff of Dales also volunteered to serve. They came in on a night that would have most likely been their night off just to give their time to others who give so much. Even the Chef and the Events Coordinator took their place behind the buffet line and helped make sure that every volunteer had their fill of the delicious meal. There was a feeling of community and good will.  Although Thank You are two words that we sometimes seem to pass around almost as easily as we say Hello or Goodbye, in this case and on this special night, it was obvious that Thank You had meaning.

There would be no way that the staff of Safeplace could be everything that we need to be without the help of our volunteers and supporters throughout Northwest Alabama. We are able to offer numerous services to victims of abuse only because of their kindness and generosity. At this time of year, when everyone is thinking about what they are most thankful for, we know without a doubt. So although “thank you” may not seem to be enough to cover how much our volunteers are truly appreciated, we hope they understand. Their contributions of time, talents, monies and love will never be forgotten.

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