The Safeplace Prevention Program is commissioned with the task of outreach throughout the six-county service area.

Schools – Prevention staff present age-appropriate programs which focus on healthy relationships. Their curriculum is designed to educate students, on each grade level, about the issues they may face at home, in school or within their peer groups. Staff members and volunteers work hard to present the programs in ways that will retain the students interest while sneaking in the information they may need to stay safe and happy within their future relationships. The emphasis of these programs is not just the prevention of domestic violence, but of any type of violence or abuse. According to the age level, the programs teach about good touch, bad touch; bullying; what to do if you are being abused; and how to avoid an abusive or violent relationship. Our staff works closely with teachers and counselors when children disclose any type of abuse. Safeplace employees and representatives are mandatory reporters of abuse to the Department of Human Resources.

Safeplace Prevention Education Programs were started in 1986 and are currently presented in every school system and many of the private schools. Programs are presented to local day-care centers, YMCA summer programs, the detention centers and Head Start programs. Annually Safeplace staff reach out to approximately 16,500 students.

They include:

1st and 2nd grade:  “It’s Your Body, You’re In Charge”

3rd and 4th grade: Child Abuse

5th and 6th grade: Bullying

7th and 8th grade: Assertiveness

9th and 10 grade: Healthy Relationships

11th and 12th grade: “Olivia” monologue *
* Olivia is a short dramatic monologue demonstrating emotional and physical violence in a dating relationship.

Trainings – Safeplace offers a variety of free trainings for several professions.

  • Law Enforcement Training – covers all aspects of domestic violence law and enforcement. Certified instructors can provide Continuing Educational Units for attendance.
  • Medical training– for nurses, emergency room staff, clinical situations and first responders. The curriculum is certified through the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
  • Cosmetology –  The Cut It Out curriculum is designed to help licensed beauticians/barbers recognize the signs of abuse and to teach them how to safely offer assistance.
  • Work Place Violence Training – designed to assist employers and management develop policies and procedures in case of an emergency situation at the work place.
  • The Sign Project – allows an organization or business to be designated as a safe place for a victim to go to seek help. Designated employees are trained in how to assist a victim seeking help. A sign is placed outside the business designating it as a safe place.

Speaking Engagements – Safeplace staff welcomes the opportunity to speak to any church, social or service organization concerning our program, family violence, parenting or healthy relationships. We also set up our displays at health and social service events.

If you are interested in any of these prevention programs, please call our administrative office at 256-767-3076.