PEACE Program

Adopted from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project from Duluth Minnesota,  the PEACE Program is a state-certified, court-ordered batterer’s intervention program that confronts abusers’ belief system and use of power and control. The PEACE program is dedicated to holding abusers accountable for their actions and keeping victims safe. The groups are held in Colbert, Lauderdale and Marion counties.

We hope that the program will help those who choose to use violence in their relationships to look at the costs of violence, ask themselves questions and experience the benefits of nonviolence.  The nonviolence classes are not anger management or therapy groups. their focus is not to “fix” your relationship, but to stop the violence and abuse that are destroying it.

Facilitators work with group members to:

  • examine their belief system and behaviors that support violence
  • expand definitions of violence and controlling behaviors
  • discuss the effects of violence on women, children and themselves.
  • identify and practice non-controlling alternatives.