One of the blessings of being a parent is being able to provide your child with fun and happy experiences. You know that your are building memories with each special event, trip to the pool or summer picnic. We at Safeplace have been blessed beyond measure by a community of supporters who also want the same experiences for the families who seek shelter.  One example of this is our annual picnic. The children who temporarily call Safeplace home during the summer months receive a annual gift of a trip to Cyprus Cove in Red Bay. Representative Johnny Mack  Morrow and his wife, Martha, invite the children down for a day on the farm that includes swimming, fun and games, a hay ride and delicious food. It is an outing that they, and the staff that go along,  remember for a long time. Safeplace is extremely appreciative to members of our community who recognize the needs of our families and go the extra mile to make sure they have the things they need. We are also grateful for the many little things that our supporters do to bring a smile to a worried parent or a giggle from a stressed child. Watching the children of Safeplace play on the playground, built by a host of community supporters, is always a sweet reminder of the caring people who make up North Alabama. The names of those who raised the funds and donated the monies for everything from swings to flowers are posted on the entrance to the Secret Garden. We know they didn’t do it to have their name placed on a plaque. We wish that they could see what their hard work and generosity means in the form of smiling faces and happy children. It’s not easy living in a community setting, however the beauty of the garden, cared for by the members of the Shoals Master Gardeners, (another example of caring people)  seem to bring a little peace during their time of hardship. From the volunteer who has chosen to provide us with a birthday cake each month,  to the ladies of local churches who regularly provide us with care packages, the list of generosities is always inspiring. They say it is the little things that can make a big difference. When you are unable to provide the smallest pleasures for your child, it means a great deal when someone steps forward to say “Here, let me help you. It doesn’t take that much out of my day and I know your child would enjoy this.”  It means more than you will ever know. But we want to say thank you for everything that you do, almost absent mindedly, just to bring a little joy to our families.  For every donation that you’ve made, to the little things you’ve done to make our families more comfortable, may the blessings come back to you two-fold, overflowing and abundant. Happy Summer from Safeplace!


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