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Resources & Support

Read more about the organizations that help make what we do possible.

We Need Your Help

Volunteers are very special to Safeplace. With limited staff and six rural counties to serve, they often provide that much needed link to services that we would not be able to provide otherwise

Seek Help

Our Help Line is open 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week. There is a kind voice and willing listener to help you weigh your options and chart your course. Call 256-767-6210 or 1-800-550-9215.   One of the goals of our Help Line is to provide you with the information you need to make good choices. […]

Grant Wishes

  Our families have many needs. We know that there are Safeplace supporters who want to choose their own gifts. One way that could make this much easier is to use our Wishlist on The items are shipped directly to our public mailbox. If this is not an option for you, please look over our list below. If you interested in making a donation, contact our administrative office at 256-767-3076 to arrange a time for pick up or delivery. Thank you in advance for thinking of our families.  Read More →

From Staff Reports

The Value of a Good Volunteer

Recently, while attending a local breakfast in honor of Shoals area grant recipients, I happened to look across the room and see a familiar and welcoming face. A volunteer who has worked with our program for many years. Safeplace is not that only program who benefits from her generous heart, but it is certainly blessed to be among her chosen causes. Each Monday morning, like clockwork, she arrives and takes over the help line to take calls while staff prepare for a new week. Bar sickness... 

Desperate times call ….

There is an old saying that desperate times call for desperate measures. There was a story recently of a young woman who came up with a way to call for help that was a good example of thinking outside the box. She convinced her abuser that she was calling to order a pizza, but instead dialed 911. The 911 operator recalled thinking that it was just another prank call at first, but as the conversation progressed she realized that the woman was truly in crisis. She gave her address and ordered... 

Measuring Success

Through the process of applying for grants, we are often asked about Safeplace success stories. This is a tough question. Not because Safeplace doesn’t have numerous success stories, but because success means something different when just living through the day is considered a success for many victims of abuse. Making it through dinner without saying a wrong word, or keeping the children “quite enough,’’ means success for many. If your definition of success includes knowing...