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The Safeplace Sign Project began as a way to provide safe places throughout our six county service area. With hundreds of miles to cover there was no way that Safeplace staff could be available at all times. When a local business, industry or area agencey agrees to be a sign location, a purple ribbon is placed on a front window or door. This is a sign that there is a trained volunteer at that location that can help link them to Safeplace services.

When a victim of abuse enters the location the volunteer would led them to a private, safe area where they could call the help-line and talk to someone about their situation. If they decide that going into shelter is best for them at that time, arrangements would be made for them to leave that location and come into shelter, or they would be allowed to wait there until law enforcement, a staff or family member could transport them.

If they decide that going into shelter would not be best at that time, they would leave the location and no one would know they had talked to the help line. Packets of information would be available for the victim to take if they could do so safely.  They would know, even if they decided to go back to the abuser at that time, that the safe place was there and they could come back if they needed to.

All volunteers at sign locations are under the same rules of confidentiality as volunteers and staff at Safeplace, Inc.

Safety is our first priority. Volunteers would be trained to access the situation and call 911 if they feel the victim, their co-workers or clientele are in immediate danger. Victims of abuse come and go in and out of your location everyday without you knowing about their situation. It would be an asset to have someone trained in what to do should workplace violence occur.

Examples of sign locations include grocery stores, gas stations, tanning salons, restaurants, clinics, doctors’s offices, churches, banks, and government agencies such as health departments and the department of human resources. The locations include any where a victim could go for help without their abuser suspecting they are seeking help.

To have your staff trained in domestic violence and/or to become a sign location please contact our administrative office at 256-767-3076.