We wanted to share this letter with you from one of our advocates. It states so well how much of a difference a volunteer can make, not only for our clients, but for the staff as well. 

I have worked as a Court Advocate for a little over four years now and most of that time has been spent feeling like I was drowning. The first couple of years were spent with me spending many late nights at the office just to stay on top of things. Mounting paperwork and stress often proved to be overwhelming. I thoroughly love my job but it was taking a toll on me in every way.

Recently we added a new volunteer in our office. I had stacks upon stacks of papers to be filed and files to be filed. I figured after one day she would not come back because I needed so much filing help. Guess what, she did come back! She comes faithfully and I cannot tell you what a difference she makes. Not only did she get all of the filing I needed done complete, she has helped so many others with things that are put off because they are time consuming and all of us have so much to do.

Even more than her help with these daily tasks is her spirit. She is such a joy to have at the office. I look forward to seeing her. She always spreads joy and cheer and often provides the comic relief we all need around here. I have repeatedly told her what a tremendous help she has been for me and her goal is to continue to volunteer to help get Safeplace more money.

The other day I realized when I am in the office that I breathe a little better now. I am not so tense and running ragged that I can’t look up because of her assistance. It is such a blessing to not have that heavy burden all the time of knowing you have too much to do and never enough time to get it done. Simply knowing I can place a stack of papers in the file room and know that they will get filed sounds like such a small task, but it takes a lot of office time.  This is time that advocates usually don’t have while running to court. Our volunteer is more than willing to devote that time to helping us out and making all of our lives a little brighter and lighter. She is like part of the Safeplace family, an incredibly invaluable part.

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